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The Mar Vista Neighborhood Association was founded in 2000 to promote community spirit, improve quality of life, secure public improvements and keep our community informed. 

New Board Elected for 2015-2017

At the February 2015 MVNA meeting new officers were elected

Congratulations to our new appointees, and welcome to our 3 new board of director members-- we're thrilled to have you.

Our new board is as follows:
President: Rob Kadota
Vice President: Michael Millman
Treasurer: Sue Hirschkoff
Secretary: Nanette Pastor-Hanna (new)
Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Debbie Rochlin
Marketing Director: Jean Roth
Directors: Cary Gordon, Delan Hilliard (new), Tom Ponton (new), Charles Rosenberg

Annual Town Hall Meeting Highlights

We had a great meeting.

We had board elections and welcomed 3 new members.  Congratulations to Delan Hilliard, Nanette Pastor-Hanna and Tom Ponton.  Re-elected were Cary Gordon, Sue Hirschkoff, Rob Kadota, Michael Millman, Debbie Rochlin, Charles Rosenberg and Jean Roth.

We said a fond farewell to our outgoing President and charter member of 15 years, Roseann Herman.  Roseann, you will be missed as an active member of our board but look forward to having you participate in special projects in the neighborhood.

Various neighborhood and elected officials spoke.

1.  Claudia Martin, from the City's Neighborhood Prosecutor's office, informed us that the Neighborhood Prosecutor's office is designed to help neighbors with quality of life issues.

Her contact information
cell phone: 310-202-3824

2.  Our Senior Lead Officer, Adrian Acosta, spoke about the crime in the area, that it was slightly increased and explained how forming a neighborhood watch is a good way to help keep crime down.

To find out more contact Adrian

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