Susan Black-Feinstein


Susan Black-Feinstein, a native Angelina, has a family history of relatives, on both sides of her family, living in Los Angeles since 1920.   She was educated in the Los Angeles Unified District when it was considered second only to the New York City School District. Married to her "native Angelino" husband David, they have lived in Mar Vista for over 26 years.  

Susan loves the sense of community that MVNA brings to the Community which is why she has rejoined the board for a second time.   Now retired, she has more time to work on projects that beautify and enhance life in Mar Vista.  The "homelessness" situation is definitely a "number one" concern. Affordable housing for "low income" and "persons needing a helping hand" are the most important issues on which Susan wishes to concentrate. If you are like-minded, let's talk, and meet.